Our Recipe

We bring a simple recipe to the table, one that has been passed down over four generations: fish, olive oil and salt. A well-balanced dish that makes it easy for even the youngest consumers to enjoy sea foods: no fishbones, no scales and no waste. Behind the simple fact of being able to enjoy food that we prepare with such care and attention, is the secret of every kitchen: a delicate balance of experience, skill, food science and technology.

This is what happens in our kitchen:

– Fish comes in from our trusted suppliers, protected by the most natural conservation technology: cold. As soon as the fish has been caught, it is chilled to slow down the chemical and biological processes that would cause it to deteriorate.

– The flesh is selected according to its appearance, colour and consistency.

– The fish is then cooked and cleaned to provide the consumer with the edible part only. This stage is still carried out manually by expert staff.

– The fish is then salted (to bring out the full flavour) and a mild olive oil is added so as not to affect its characteristics.

– Automatic portioning machines help operatives to dose the fish, keeping the muscular structure as intact as possible inside the can. This is what makes our products look whole.

– To guarantee safety and to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the fish as long as possible, cans are hermetically sealed by cleating machines.

– Large pressure cookers (not very different from the ones we use at home) heat the cans so that the contents are stabilised and preserved over time. Without additives or preservatives.

The product is then a canned food. Computers, replacing the large timer used in traditional cooking, regulate the heat sterilisation process with the precision that only progress can provide, guaranteeing food safety of a level unknown only a century ago.