Innovating means preserving

We have our own idea of innovation: to promote simplicity, satisfying the needs of a changing world. What was once reserved to the few has become part of daily living, and this is what we see as the largest revolution in cuisine through the centuries; in our own small way, we have been part of that, creating modern formats that have changed the style of hospitality and consumer habits, making it easier to serve fish at home.

Our preservatives: cold, heat and salt

There is no need for chemicals to preserve nutritional integrity.

Ice brings distant seas closer

Ice as a preservation means allows fish to travel to us, maintaining its properties. This process dates back to around 1850, when fish began to travel around the US in chilled wagons. In that period, fish began to become a widely consumed food, as cold technology began to revolutionise consumption, making it more democratic.

Heat, energy in its pure state, allows us to create our canned fish.

Steam purifies the fish and stabilises its specific nutritional values, so that we can store it. This means the kitchen is now able to adapt itself to new rhythms of life and not the other way around.

Salt: a precious aid from the sea

As well as adding to flavour, salt replaces heat for some products, such as anchovies. This simple ingredient on our tables has been used as a preservative for centuries. How does it work? Salt absorbs water from food, which remains “dehydrated” to the point that the common microbial flora that cause foods to perish can no longer thrive.

Our quality. Your choice.

Fish is a precious foodstuff which, at its best, should be consumed with creativity: variety, in fact, ensures wellness. Igino Mazzola S.p.A. has specialised over four generations in the selection, preservation and sale of sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, cod, anchovies and clams.

We have packaged and distributed them for you to make it easy to choose and consume each of the sea specialities. We have developed protocol over time to guarantee not only the quality, flavour and nutritional content of our products, but also to ensure compliance with the production specifications of our suppliers and consumer safety. We believe in the eco-sustainability strategy of tuna fish in the oceans to contain catches and thereby promote re-population of the species.

We give each of our consumers a choice.

The delicacy of the Yellowfin quality for gourmet, the product fished from the hook for those seeking traditional methods as a further guarantee of sustainability, convenient solutions for a curious diet with the possibility of changing eating habits, for personal wellness and the sustainability of the environment: for us each choice should be respected. We look to offer new opportunities to consumers with an increasing modern flare. For this reason, we continue to always and only invest in the sea, in the fishermen’s trust, in the wealth of the ocean and its boundless qualities; to offer new occasions to consumers with an increasing modern flare.